Character Education at Clermont Elementary

Clermont strives to support positive behavior through a Responsive Classroom approach. We also promote our C.A.R.E Character Education Program which fosters safe and respectful actions. Our goal is to create a learning environment that encourages students to develop their academic, social, and emotional skills.  These two behavior approaches encompass safe, positive, and consistent practices that model, teach, and reteach expected behaviors.  As a result, we will continue to develop strong relationships and a caring community.

Our school expectations are based upon the CARE traits. 





children in a row

Clermont Character Pledge   

I am a Clermont Eagle.
I care. I share.
I am responsible for my education.
I put my best effort into learning.
Cooperating with everyone makes my school a lot more fun.
I will accept everyone and treat them kindly.
I will strive to live my life to make my school and world a better place.
I am a Clermont Eagle…and I SOAR.

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