About Us

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Vision Statement

  • Clermont Elementary School honors diversity and nurtures each student’s potential. We affirm individual strengths and appreciate the unique experiences each member contributes to our school community.

Mission Statement

  • Clermont Elementary School is committed to providing high-quality educational opportunities in which all students aspire to learn, acquire knowledge, and achieve excellence.

How We Do It


  • Our staff creates meaningful and engaging learning opportunities. We cultivate a love of learning that allows students to identify and pursue their individual strengths and passions.
  • Our students aspire to learn about themselves and their place in the world they live in.


  • Our staff provides instruction so that students acquire knowledge across all content areas. We cultivate a caring culture where students learn resilience, perspective, and empathy.
  • Our students acquire the necessary skills to help them become ethical, global citizens.


  • Our staff sets rigorous and achievable goals for students through responsive teaching methods. We cultivate multiple pathways for continuous growth with ongoing, meaningful support.
  • Our students achieve personal and academic success so they can thrive in a diverse, changing world.

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