The Clermont chorus is made up of 4th, 5th and 6th grade students who love to sing. The chorus meets for rehearsal for approximately one hour a week and occasionally has rehearsals after school. The Clermont Elementary School Chorus is directed by Ms. Flay and Ms. Leftwich.

Chorus students learn many singing skills. These include the ability to use singing posture and breathing techniques to support vocal production, to identify vocal anatomy including the function of the diaphragm and the larynx in singing, to use breathing exercises during vocal warm-ups, to develop accurate intonation and beauty of tone in singing, to demonstrate knowledge of terminology related to producing a vocal tone, to perform music in unison and harmony with and without accompaniment, to read music of varying styles and levels of difficulty, to develop the ability to sing independently, and to work together as a cooperative group.

The chorus will perform a Winter Concert and a Spring Concert for the school and community. Additional performances off school grounds will be planned for each semester. If you are interested in joining chorus, please speak to Ms. Flay.