Math Sorting Fun in Kindergarten

By Sharon Collier
For Parents
October 10, 2019

Our kindergarteners were introduced to the concept of collections, using a relevant children’s story. Students were told to create collections for the class to use. They were shown examples of objects that would be collected to create collections.   We demonstrated sorting to our Kindergarten students by color, shape, and size.   In this lesson the students were asked to sort for different attributes, as this also helps students increase their vocabulary. The students worked with a partner and were given a collection of buttons to sort. Each group of two sorted the buttons into two or more categories. Sorting categories included color, size, shape, and number of holes. When each group completed its sort, the students from each group explained it. Once the sort was explained, the group of two sorted the collection into two or more different categories. The groups repeated this procedure as many times as is possible in the time allotted.