Show Someone You CARE!

Send a Candy Gram!

By Paula Treger
For Parents
January 30, 2020

The SCA will sell candy grams again this year for a school fundraiser. A Candy Gram is a small
card with a lollipop attached. The cost of each candy gram is $1.00. Candy Grams will be delivered
to students on February 14th. Candy Grams will not take the place of anything the class
might be doing in the classroom to celebrate Valentine’s Day. They are just a fun “extra” for those
who would like to participate.

You can buy a friend one, you can buy yourself one, you can buy a staff member one, or
your parent/guardian can buy you one. You can even buy one for each student in your class
if you want to!

If you would like to send a Candy Gram, please fill out fill out this information sheet and the Candy Gram
. Please photocopy the cards if you need more or print off more cards by going to
the school website at Contact Mrs. Treger or Ms. Lee if you do not have
computer access and need more cards. If you are sending a candy gram to the entire class, we
are happy to complete the cards for you. (see below)

Complete the order summary and card(s) and return them to school in an envelope labeled
“Candy Grams” with cash (exact amount) or a check made payable to Clermont SCA. Please
email @email or @email with questions.

All orders MUST be received no later than February 13th.