Beliefs, Mission and Vision Statements

Vision Statement

The Professional Learning Community at Clermont Elementary School strives to meet the individual learning needs of every student so they can reach their highest level of academic achievement, be prepared for the rigors of Middle School and High School and successfully graduate on time.

Mission Statement

The mission of Clermont Elementary School is for our professional learning community to create a safe learning environment that ensures high academic achievement for all students by offering them a rigorous and relevant education supported by relationships established with our parents and our community.


  • Every child must learn and achieve to their highest potential by differentiating instruction to include rigor, practice and support.

  • Teachers must plan and work collaboratively to effectively support the learning of all students.

  • Technology, a 21st century skill and resource, must be integrated into teacher instruction and student learning.

  • Integrating the fine arts, fitness and Chinese language acquisition into core curricula, will provide our students with a balanced education.

  • All students need to participate in leadership and service learning opportunities, so they are prepared to be good citizens and stewards of the environment in the 21st century.

  • Teachers should embrace “Where Eagles Soar”, so they are prepared to meet the professional challenges with which they are faced.

  • Peer and adult mentors support student learning by building positive relationships with students.

  • Our parents, PTA and business partnerships are valuable educational resources for our school.